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Welcome to “deNYLE: The Blog”! As I have just moved to New York for three months, I have decided to create this space to document my time and experiences since graduating and releasing deNYLE the book. This blog will be my outlet to express my opinions on what’s happening in the world, fashion and what I have experienced as a gay British Asian in New York (I think referring to it as my version of Anne Frank’s Kitty would be a bit much…).

But I first would like to address the response that I have received from the book. I am truly overwhelmed by the love and support that I have received! It shocks me every time I receive a message from someone who purchased a copy who says that it has moved them to tears. The purpose of publishing my story was to educate people and to introduce them to a narrative that is often overlooked in society. It is so encouraging to hear, from both straight and queer people that reading my words was an eye-opening experience; that they had never considered the difficulties and the isolation that someone of colour may experience in the West and that my intersectionality means that my queer experiences are different to someone else’s. 

I have also read Tan France’s Naturally Tan, which I have been looking forward to getting my hands on since I had been doing my Final Major Project at university. I think I would like to dedicate my next post to it so stay tuned! You can catch a new post every Thursday (hopefully…)!

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